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Gordon Ramsay
I have been trying to get in for ages and I finally managed it. It was most definitely worth the wait. What he can do with cauliflower puree or basil ice cream defies description and then there is the risotto, it is simply the best. All the staff are highly competent, very helpful and friendly, even Mr. Ramsay himself ask how the food was, my reply was rather incoherent, what do you say when confronted with a god and your mouth has just been full of the best things it ever had ! Do anything to get in, sell your grandmother, it's worth it.
68-69 Royal Hospital Rd, 0171 352 4441/3334
***** .5
Angela Hartnett at the Connaught
The setting is stunning, the service perfect and the food she cooks is almost as good as that of her boss, the divine Mr Ramsay.
16 Carlos Place Tel: +44 (0)20 7592 1222
Atelier de Joel Robuchon, L
Everything it is cracked up to be.
13-15 West Street , 020 7010 8600
Gordon Ramsay at Claridges
He does it again, excellent food, the decor is very grand. Breakfast is servered. I prefer the Chelsea location, but that's just me.
Brook St
Locanda Locatelli
In my option only Ramsay himself is better. The food set a new standard for Italian food. It is expensive, but well worth it.
Churchill InterContinental Hotel, 8 Seymour Street, 020 7935 9088
Despite all the hype and the wall to wall celebs and would me be celebs, it is worth eating here. The food is both creative and very good. I suggest you sit at the Sushi bar, not only do you eat the wonderful food, you get to watch it being made, best of all none of the beautiful people would be seen dead at there.
Metropolitan Hotel, 19 Old Park Ln, 0171 447 4747
Noisette, La
Really interesting and original menu. The staff are expert, friendly and highly professional. Oh and the food is really good.
164 Sloane Str, 020 7750 5000
Good food, interesting food, unusal food, good service, good art,. What more could you want
The Hospital, 24 Endell St, 020 7170 9200
The Square
Excellent food, very well cooked, presented and served. Make certain you have a lot of time.
6-10 Bruton St. 0171-495 7100
One of the best Italians in London, it's actually better than most in Italy. The menu is a mix of classic, regional dishes, a new. The polenta and the pizzoccheri, were the best I have ever tasted, the risotto is simply divine. The desert was wonderful. The service is not as overpowering as the other places of this class, but the food is right up there. It is well worth your while to come and eat here, it is one of the best food places in London.
15 Lowndes St, 020 7235 5800


Very fine food indeed, with friendly service. Even the most insignificant bits taste very good.
11 Park Walk, 0171 352 3449
A top rate foody venue. The staff really do look after you.
22-24 Basil St., 0171 589 5171
Famous for it's fixed menu. You get a starter, main course, cheese and desert. The cooking style is Med / Californian and has a light fresh touch. The service is also far less oppressive than it often is in many other places of this class. Well worth trying.
124 Kensington Church St., 0171 221 9225
This place has a somewhat more casual atmosphere than most in this class, but not when it comes to the food, which is of the standard you would expect. The staff, unusually, are not all French. They are highly processional and friendly
Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, 66 Knightsbridge, 0207 7201 3723
Really nice French food at good prices.
66 Baker St, 020 7935 4007
Wonderful food to eat, while being able to over hear chit chat between uncles and nieces (!). The best bread I have ever eaten.
27a Hay's Mews, W1X 7RJ, 020 7499 3331
Oranger, L
Excellentent seasonal French food.
5 St. James St, 0207 839 3774
Lindsay House
Richard Corrigan cooks wonderful British food and Lindsay house itself is a great building. The service is of a very high standard, while not being too overpowering as in may places of this class
21 Romilly St, 0171 439 0450
French tapas style food, in a trendy bar. Not only is the food good, but the place is great fun as well. Try the cocktails. Well worth a visit, but not for a queit meal.
Marriott Grosvenor Square, 10-13 Grosvenor Square (020 7107 0000)
The expression "wild and wonderful" comes to mind. Not the usual fair, but very good. Worth trying.
at Millennium Hotel, 17 Sloane Street, SW1X 9NU, tel: 020 7201 6330
Very elegant place, the food is top notch, but takes a very long time to get to you. The staff are highly competent, and friendly.
55 Marylebone High St, 0207 7616 8000
Pied a Terre
Original food, of top quality. A bit on the pricey side, but well worth it.
34 Charlotte St., 0171 636 1178
Rhodes Twenty Four
Classic British food, get straight to the point - bread and butter pudding - it's divine. It's not that the rest is not good, it is excellent, it's just the the bread and butter pudding is really in a class of it's own. I want more !
25 Old Broad Street, EC2N 1HQ, tel: 020 7877 7703
Classy French food. Menu varies with season. The bay window is stunning.
16 St. Barnabas St 020 7730 5550
Excellent Italian. Worth visiting.
54 Brook Mews
, 0207 495 4774


A small room over a pub, that servers wonderful Italian food.
39 Chepstow Place, W2, 020 7792 5501
Boxwood Cafe
Ramsay on the cheap. Try the corn beef starter. Very good food-
The Berkeley Hotel, Knightsbridge, SW1X 7RL, tel 020 7235 1010
Brassiere Roux
An affordable version of Gavroche. Only the prices have been reduced not the quality, the food is excellent. Classic French cooking, with all the clichés such as Onion Soup and Lemon Tart. Well worth a visit. Sofitel St James,
8 Pall Mall
, London, SW1Y 5NG
Club Gascon
Brilliant food severed in small portions, French tapas if you like. This means that you get to try more things, 4 to 5 plates should do. The service is top quality and the place looks nice. The location in Smithfield is also a plus.
57 West Smithfield, 0171 796 0600
Very English. Traditional fair, well cooked.
36 Duke St, 0207 930 4566Guinea Grill
Guinea Grill
Olde schoole, club type place, the best pie I have ever eaten.
30 Bruton Place, 020 7499 1210
8 Hanway Place, W1 020 7927 7000
J Sheekey
Very fine fish.
28-32 St Martin's Court
, WC2, 020 7240 2565
Escargot, L
Very good food, in the MPW vain. The room is very nice as well.
48 Greek St, 020 7437 2679
Souffle, Le
A hotel dining room that serves really good food. The staff are friendly and competent. Well worth a visit. If you ask very nicely they will even do you a takeaway.
1 Hamilton Pl. 0171-409 3131
MPW again, a little less rich and exotic than the Oak Room. Also more relaxed and a lot less expensive. One of the best places to eat in London. If there is a soufflé on the dessert menu, go for it.
56 Curzon Street, 0171 499 4636
Try the Smoked Haddock Soufflé.
4 Mill Street, London W1S 2AX, tel: 02 7499 1308
Quo Vadis
MPW again. Unusual menu, but up to the normal standard
26-29 Dean St. 0171-437 9585
A fine French Brasserie.
239 Brompton Road, SW3, 020 7584 4477
Rhodes W1
Bread pudding, bread pudding, bread pudding. It's not that the rest is not good, it's very good, but the bread pudding is so good everything else just pales.
The Cumberland Hotel, Great Cumberland Place, 0207 479 3838
St. John
Excellent food, especially meat. Open kitchen, nice feel to it. Way less formal than other restaurants in this class, which I consider a plus.
26 St. Johns St. 0171-251 0848
Smiths of Smithfield
Top class steaks, they actually taste of something.
67-77 Charterhouse Street, City, EC1 (020) 7236 6666
Top of the line Indian.
20 Queen Street, Mayfair, London W1X 7PJ, tel: 020 7629 3561
Trompette, La
5 Devonshire Road, W4, 020 8747 1836
Trouvaille, La
Very, very good food, but wobbly chair and small tables.
12a Newburgh Street, W1F 3RR, 020 7287 8488
Fine food in an English Club.
55 Jermyn Street, St James's, SW1 (020) 7629 9955


Alistair Littles
Strong Italian influence, very friendly crew. The food is always good, and sometimes even brilliant.
49 Frith St., 0171-734 5183
Good interesting food.
63-64 Frith Street, 0207734 4545
Bentleys Bar and Grill in
The choise is limited, but good
Swallow Street,
Good food.
23 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XS tel: 020 7493 7070
The Easton
A Gastro pub, that fortunately is well hidden, otherwise you would never be able to get in. Yes it really is this good.
22 Easton St, WC1X 0DS (020 7278 7608).
May be better than I have rate it, my menu choise was probably not well balanced
10 Charlotte Street, W1, 020 7636 2833
The food is good, but the running seems a little wobbly.
57 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, W1 (020) 7580 3289
Very good Indian food. The white curry is divine.
99 Regent St 020 7439 8434
Rasoi Vineet Bhatia
Indian food with hippy tendencies.
10 Lincoln Street, London SW3 2TS. Tel: 020 7225 1881
Red Fort
Good Indian
77 Dean Street
, W1, 020 7437 2525
Only in England, probably only in the City could a place like this exist. Totally excentric, by all the rule everything about it is wrong, apart from the qualiy of the fish, but who every two wrong do not make a right did not know what they are talking about. A fun fish place a must to visit.
39 Queen Victoria St, 020 7248 3062
Wheelers of St Jamess
Probably the small dinning room I have ever seem, the food is also good.
12a Duke of York Street
, London SW1Y 6LB, tel: 020 7930 2460
Not bad, club type place, tradition all the way
1 New Street Square, EC4A 3BF, tel: 020 7583 1313
Good Chinese
37-38 Gerrard Street
, W1D 5PB tel: 020 7287 8033
Cafe Fish
Great fish, good atmos.
36-40 Rupert St., 0171 287 8989
Loud, noisy, great fun. Competent if not sensational Italian food. The same applies to the service.
Beak St
The original gastro pub. Not bad at all.
Golden Dragon
Wonderful Chinese, a bit factory like, always busy. Great Dim Sum at lunch time.
28-29 Gerrard St., 0171 734 2763
Great for game and traditional English food. The place ouses atmosphere.
35 Maiden Ln., 0171-836 5314
Simpsons in the Strand
The place for breakfast. On Sundays they do a traditional roast, it must be one of the finest around.
100 Strand, 0171 836 9112
Interesting Indian food, lots of different influence.
438 Kings Rd, 020 7351 4118


Good solid US style food. The building and decor are wonderful, a little expensive.
18 Wellington St., 0171 240 4222
Good Korean fare.
16 Bateman St., 0171 734 0908
North Sea
Fish and chips.
7 Leigh St, 0207 387 5892
Sri Siam
Hotter Thai
16 Old Compton St., 0171 434 3544
Thai Pot
Hot Thai
1 Bedfordbury, 0171 379 4580
The Wolseley
Great fun, good teas
160 Piccadilly, W1J 9EB (020 7499 6996).


Not all its cracked up to be.
12 Berkeley Square, W1J 6AN, tel: 020 7629 8886
Cafe Mezzo
Among the best breakfasts in London.
64 St. Giles High St
Fortnum and Mason
The place for tea
1 Lombard Street Brasserie
Over priced, over loud, over everything, but the haddock was dammed good.
1 Lombard Street, EC3V 9AA, 0870 780 8147
Pie's etc.
33 King St., 0171 240 2534
They do very good afternoon teas, and breakfast.
Piccadilly & other
Sushi, robots and conveyor belts, great fun .
52 Poland St., 0171 287 0443 & other


Brown's Hotel, Albermarle Street, W1S 4BP. tel; 020 7408 1837
1880 and Peridot,
The Bentley, Harrington Gardens, SW7 4JX, tel: 020 7370 6486
Almeida Restaurant Bar
30 Almeida Street, London N1. Tel: 020 7354 4777
Anchor and Hope
36 The Cut, SE1 8LP (020 7928 9898).
110 Whitfield Street, LONDON, W1T 5ED Tel: (020) 7383 3346
Asia De Cuba
45 St Martins Lane, London, WC2N 4HX Tel: (020) 7300 5588
Avenue, The
7-9 St James's Street, London SW1A 1EE, tel: 020 7321 2111
Belvedere, The
off Abbotsbury Road, Holland Park, London W8 6LU, tel: 020 7602 1238
81 Fulham Rd. 0171-581 5817
5 Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8BD, tel: 020 7657 8080
Brasserie St Quentin
243 Brompton Road, SW3 2EP, tel: 020 7589 8005
Brian Turner Mayfair
44 Grosvenor Square, W1K 2HP, tel; 020 7596 3444
Cafe Japan
626 Finchley Rd, 0181 455 6854
Grill Room, Cafe Royal,
68 Regent St., 171 437 1177
Cambio de Tercio
163 Old Brompton Road, SW5 020 7244 8970
Caprice, Le
Arlington House, Arlington St. 0171-629 2239
Cercle, Le
1 Wilbraham Place, London SW1X 9AE. Tel: 020 7901 9999
23-25 Leadenhall Market, The City, EC3 (020) 7648 8690
Chancery Dining Room, The
9 Cursitor Street, London EC4. Tel: 020 7831 4000
Chez Bruce
2 Bellevue Road, SW17 020 8672 0114
Chex Max
3 Yeoman's Row, London SW3 3AL, tel: 020 7590 9999
Chutney Mary
535 Kings Road, SW10, 020 7351 3113
Chinese Experience
118 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 5EP. Tel: 020 7437 0377
Cinnamon Club, The
The Old Westminster Library, Great Smith Street, Westminster, SW1 (020) 7222 2555
Coach and Horses
26-28 Ray St, EC1R 3DJ (020 7278 8990).
224 Piccadilly, 0171 930 0488
2-4 Rufus Street, London N1 6PE, tel: 020 7729 5252
34 Portman Square London W1H 7BY, tel: 020 7224 0028
10 Wigmore Street, W1U 2RD, tel: 020 7637 0789
148 Holland Park Avenue, W11 4UE, tel: 020 7221 6090
English Garden
10 Lincoln Street, SW3, 020 7584 7272
Farm, The
18 Farm Lane, SW6 1PP. Tel: 020 7381 3331
15 Westland Place, N1, 020 7251 1515
33 Charlotte St, W1T 1RR (020 7813 8010)
Fish Shop, The
360 St John Street, London EC1V 4NR, tel: 020 7837 1199
Fleur, La
33 St James's St, SW1A 1HD, tel 020 7930 4272
3 Yeoman’s Row, London SW3 2A. Tel: 020 7590 9999
Fryer's Delight
19 Theobald's Road, Holborn, WC1 (020) 7405 4114
63 Clerkenwell Road, EC1, 020 7608 3220
Golden Eagle, The
59 Marylebone Lane, Marylebone, W1 (020) 7935 3228
50 Lamb's Conduit St.
Grand Café and Bar
The Courtyard, Royal Exchange, EC3V 3LR, tel: 020 7618 2480
Hartley, The
64 Tower Bridge Rd, SE1 4TR (020 7394 7023).
145 Knightsbridge, SW1 (020) 7838 1044
swissôtel The Howard, Temple Place, London, WC2R 2PR, tel: 020 7300 1700
Kensington Place
201-209 Kensington Church Street, London W8 7LX, tel: 020 7727 3184
Kulu Kulu Sushi
76 Brewer Street, W1R (020) 7734 7316
Lanes Restaurant and Bar
East India House, 109-117 Middlesex Street, London E1 7JF, tel: 020 7247 5050
21 Berners Street, London W1T 3LP, tel: 020 7323 9123
Launceston Place
1a Launceston Place, London W8 5RL, tel: 020 7937 6912.
222 Munster Road, London SW6 6AY. Tel: 020 7381 61371
Made in Brasil
12 Inverness Street, London NW1 7HJ. Tel: 020 7482 0777
39 South Road, Southall UB1 1SW. Tel: 020 8574 1897
Mint Leaf
Suffolk Place, SW1Y 4HX, tel: 020 7930 9020
Morgan M
489 Liverpool Road, London N7 8NS. Tel: 020 7609 3560
34-36 Exmouth Market, EC1, 020 7833 8336
Halkin Hotel, 5 Halkin Street, SW1X 7DJ
3 Milner St., SW3, 020-7581 2848
Neal Street Restaurant
26 Neal Street, Covent Garden, WC2 (020) 7836 8368
Oriental Restaurant, The
The Dorchester, Park Lane, London W1A 2HJ, tel: 020 7629 8888
Paolo Restaurant and Bar
16 Percy Street, London W1T 1DT, tel: 020 7637 9900
Petit Max
14 Chatfield Rd, Battersea, SW11 3SE (020 7223 0999).
150 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 5QG, tel: 020 7221 2442
Canada Place, Canary Wharf, E14 4QS (020 7715 7100).
Porters English Restaurant
17 Henrietta Street WC2E 8QH. Tel: 020 7836 6466
Providores and Tapa Room, The
109 Marylebone High Street, Marylebone, W1 (020) 7935 6175
North Court. 1 Great Peter Street, SW1P 3LL, tel: 020 7222 7080
Savoy Grill, The
Strand, WC2R 0EU, tel 020 7592 1600
S and M Cafe
4-6 Essex Road, N1 8LN, tel: 0207 359 5361
Scotts Restaurant
20 Mount Street, London W1K 2HE, tel: 020 7629 5248
9 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XG, tel: 0870 777 4488
Spiga, La
84-86 Wardour Street, Soho, W1 (020) 7734 3444
26 Albermarle Street, Mayfair, W1S (020) 7495 5999
14 Clapham Park Road, London SW4 7BB. Tel: 020 7627 2468
Tom Aikens
43 Elystan St, SW3 3NT (020 7584 2003).
Crowne Plaza, New Bridge Street, London EC4V 6DB, tel: 020 7438 8052
Ritz Restaurant, The
150 Piccadilly, London W1V 9DG. Tel: 020 7493 8181
Royal China
13 Queensway, London W2 4QJ. Tel: 020 7221 2535
84 Brewer Street, Soho, W1 (020) 7434 7794
Ten Ten Tei
56 Brewer Street, Soho, W1 (020) 7287 1738
Tokyo Diner
2 Newport Place, WC2H 7JP Tel: (020) 7287 8777
Vivat Bacchus,
47 Farringdon Street, London EC4A 4LL, tel: 020 7353 2648
15 Broadwick Street W1F 0DL. Tel: 020 7494 8888
Zilli Fish
36-40 Brewer Street W1R 3HP (020) 7734 8649
Painted Heron, The
112 Cheyne Walk, SW10, 020 7351 5232
5 Raphael Street, SW7 02 7584 1010

To be tried

  • Osia
    Original Australian food, nice decor and friendly service.
  • Sugar Club
    Very interesting food, not the standard fair, strong Asian influence. For service and things like that it is not quite in the same class as the others in the 4 star group, but I am interested in the food and that certainly is right up there.
  • Petrus
    The food here is very much in the same vain as Gordon Ramsays restaurant, which is not surprising as he half owns it. The chef is Marcus Wareing, who used to worked with Ramsay. The food is divine, the mash was the best I have ever had. If pork belly is no the menu go for it.
    33 St. James St. 020 7930 4272
  • Chez Nico
    Even though Nico has retired and the restaurant has given up it's stars, the food is divine. The risotto is the second best I have ever eaten, and the macaroni cheese out classed a wonderful steak. It may not be pure Nico any more, but if they keep cooking like that who cares!
    Grosvenor House Hotel, 90 Park Ln, 0171 409 1290
  • Leith's Soho
    Nice food, very trendy.
    41 Beak St., London, W1, 0171-287 2057
  • Turner's
    Competent cooking just what you would expect from Brian Turner, nice place, friendly staff. - NEW LOCATION
    87-89 Walton St., 0171-584 6711
  • Oak Room
    Note :- MPW no longer cooks himself, hence the downgrade
    Simply the best, Marco Pierre White in full bloom, the man is a culinary genius. Very very expensive, but worth it. Go for the full menu, the Bresse pigeon is to die for, even the mashed potatoes are out of this world. Put simply, the best food I have ever tasted.
    Meridian Hotel, Piccadilly, 0171 437 0202
  • City Rhodes
    British food of the finest, Mr. Rhodes really can cook. The services is also of the highest standard.
    1 New Street Sq., 0171 583 1313
  • John Burton-Race at the Landmark
    He has moved from L'Ortolan near Reading to the heart of London. The food is of a very high quality, as is the service.
    222 Marylebone Road, 020 7723 7800,
  • Maison Novelli
    A fun place, nice and casual, the food it top class.
    31 Clerkenwell Green, 0171 251 6606
  • La tante Claire
    Pierre Koffmann's cooking does not live up to my very high expectations, it is good, but not that good, certainly not the best food in London.
    Barclay Hotel

Those that no longer exist



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