Corporate Purpose
Strategic Plan
Objectives, Goals, Targets

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Strategic Study

Thursday, 23-May-2024 10:01:58 GMT

  • Identify opportunities for computerization
  • Priorities these opportunities
  • Justify these opportunities

"The only valid opportunity is one that aids the pursuit of the corporate goal, that would otherwise have been impossible or uneconomic to attain."

Corporate Purpose

Strategy is concerned with the general direction and long term policy.

The Strategic Plans should map how a company moves from where it stands now, to the point where the objectives are reached.

Strategic Plan

Primary Objective
The overall aim. The driving force. The big picture. The compelling event
Secondary Objective
Those that influence and constrain the pursuit of the primary objective.
Milestones on the way to the primary objective
These are given on a individual basis

Objectives, Goals, Targets

  • Avoid going into too much detail.
    See the big picture. Avoid not being able to "see the wood for the trees".
  • Keep it short
  • Set boundaries:
    What will be covered, and what will not.
  • Define the
    • structures
    • processes
    • relationships between the 2
  • What is relevant to the problem.


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